[icecast] OddCastDSP & SQRSoft crossfader problem

Ross Levis ross.levis at cchlawbase.co.nz
Tue Mar 25 19:35:09 PST 2003

I've not had a reply on the OddSock forum so I'll try here.

I am attempting to use the OddCastDSP Winamp2 plugin via the (free)
SQRSoft Advanced Crossfading output plugin
(http://www.sqrsoft.com.ar/en/plugins.html).  This is necessary to
provide intelligent crossfading which sounds very professional.  I've
not heard of any other crossfading algorithm that works so well.  It
uses the volume of the outgoing & incoming songs to establish the length
& position of the crossfade.

A lot of people use this crossfader with the shoutcast DSP and it works
perfectly.  It also works perfectly with the OddCastDSP providing the
OddCast sample rate is set to 44100.  Attempting to stream at 22050
causes an immediate crash of Winamp.  I doubt it is a problem with the
crossfader plugin but I guess that may be possible.

Anyway, I thought I would make the problem known here and hopefully
Oddsock can have a look at it soon.

Ross Levis.
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