[icecast] building icecast2 on OpenBSD

jeff at unsealed.net jeff at unsealed.net
Tue Mar 25 09:21:00 PST 2003

> > from source with no problem on Linux, but on my OBSD system the configure
> bombs
> > while checking for a function in libxslt...
> If you look at your config.log, you'll find the actual error to be
> ld: -lpthread: no match
> If you want threads on OpenBSD, -pthread is the way to go (it's a
> wrapper saying "Do whatever you have to, just give me threads.")... most
> likely on all platforms with gcc and a non-braindead specs file. Mike
> wouldn't believe me, though, so this ain't fixed. :) On OBSD 3.2,
> -pthread equals "-lc_r -D_POSIX_THREADS", on OBSD 3.3 it's "-lpthread
> -D_POSIX_THREADS" (so this problem will probably go away by itself with
> OBSD 3.3), and on my Gentoo Linux it does "-lpthread -D_REENTRANT" ...

you were right, Moritz. i saw the error in config.log earlier and didnt really 
know what to make of it. changing "-lpthread" to "-pthread" in the configure.in 
for *) did the trick. now im in the same boat as you: gmake fails in src/net - 
syntax errors from a few headers included in sock.c (<arpa/inet.h> and 
<sys/socket.h>), and a fatal error in sock.c (sock_connected) at line 397 (wfds 
undeclared), after a syntax error on line 389.

thanks for the help, and hopefully this points someone in the right direction.

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