[icecast] building icecast2 on OpenBSD

gtgbr at gmx.net gtgbr at gmx.net
Mon Mar 24 22:37:05 PST 2003

jeff at unsealed.net wrote:
> Is there anyone who has built icecast2 successfully for OpenBSD? I built it
> from source with no problem on Linux, but on my OBSD system the configure bombs
> while checking for a function in libxslt...

If you look at your config.log, you'll find the actual error to be

ld: -lpthread: no match

If you want threads on OpenBSD, -pthread is the way to go (it's a
wrapper saying "Do whatever you have to, just give me threads.")... most
likely on all platforms with gcc and a non-braindead specs file. Mike
wouldn't believe me, though, so this ain't fixed. :) On OBSD 3.2,
-pthread equals "-lc_r -D_POSIX_THREADS", on OBSD 3.3 it's "-lpthread
-D_POSIX_THREADS" (so this problem will probably go away by itself with
OBSD 3.3), and on my Gentoo Linux it does "-lpthread -D_REENTRANT" ...

Anyways, that's how you fix it for yourself easiest. Edit configure.in,

        case $host in
-			LIBS=" $LIBS -lpthread"
+			LIBS=" $LIBS -pthread"

change the lpthread to pthread and re-run autogen.sh. The *freebsd* part
also works for OpenBSD. (Changing that, or copying it and then changing
it are other ways to get that going.)

Although I was able to compile Icecast2 some months ago, I now ran into
new problems after the pthread stuff. It currently bombs in src/net ...
if you also have that problem and get around it, please let me know how
you did it. (It might as well just be my very mutated OBSD install,
though... I'll investigate that detail first before complaining further.
:) )

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