[icecast] Vorbis streams on Windows Media Player

Morgan Grammer morgang at newlifemedia.org
Mon Mar 24 21:55:11 PST 2003

I would be in the same ballpark as you, Ross. We are looking at
icecast2/ices as a replacement for our RealAudio streams, as the
licenses we have will expire VERY soon, and we frankly don't have the
money to go dump on new ones. We're looking at serving literally
thousands of listeners, most of which have RealPlayer installed at home
or at work, but have never heard or played with WinAmp, FooBar2000, or
XMMS. A plugin for WMP 8 or 9 would be EXCELLENT. I too was lead to
believe the DirectShow filter would work, but I have yet to be able to
make it do so with a stream... I might be willing to put some $$ toward
making it work as well, and leave it GPLed, if it can be done


-Morgan Grammer
Director of Engineering and Technology
New Life Media / IBI Radio

I was under the impression that Tobias's Direct Show filters would allow
Windows Media player to play Ogg Vorbis streams, but after testing it
here, apparently it doesn't.  Does anyone know if there is anyway of
making WMP play vorbis streams?

The company I'm involved with who will be creating thousands of internet
stations will most likely need WMP to play the streams, since it is the
most used player software.  I know most of you are
anti-Microsoft/Windows, as I am, but this really needs to happen as soon
as possible if Ogg Vorbis is going to become mainstream.  Perhaps Xiph
needs to employ someone to do it if there are no volunteers.

Ross Levis.

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