[icecast] All I want to do is stream...

Vanco, Donald VANCOD at PIOS.com
Tue Mar 18 07:03:31 PST 2003

Hi All -
        First post, and something of an audio newbie, so please be gentle.
I'm cross-posting this to both icecast and vorbis, albeit in separate

        I'll try to give as much detail as possible so this might get a bit

        I've been trying to get a live stream running for a local college
radio station.  It's currently up on a Slackware system - but not at all the
way I want. (http://www.wcsb.org)

        I'm building them a brand new server.  If required, the old server
can be tasked for other functions to support streaming.
What I'm trying to get to:
        - the ability to stream in multiple "qualities" (i.e. low and high
        - preferably in multiple file formats (ogg and mp3)
        - the ability to capture portions of the stream from either client
or server side

        Currently - shoutcast is working to keep the stream on the air.

The hardware:
P-III 800, 512MB RAM, ample disk drive space.  As an FYI the system has
on-board audio via Intel 815 chipset - the motherboard is, in fact, Genuine
Intel (http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/D815EEA/).

Telos Audio Active encoder

<p>OS is (fully patched) Red Hat 8.0

        I have 2 Telos units - an "older" model that only connects to the
server via high-speed serial, and a newer version that's made for streaming
via a network connection.  Actually, I have two of the newer units at my
        Telos does not support Linux.  At all.
        If there's additional software I need to run to "split" this stream
to provide multiple data rates that's fine, I just need to know what that
might be.
        The older Telos box worked fine - there was an experimental streamer
(binary) from Telos that worked, but it only has the ability to pull from a
serial device - it has no concept of the network streaming.  I cannot use
this older Telos box because the server and the streamer are no longer
physically close to one another - to facilitate greater Internet bandwidth
the stream server was moved into a wiring closet elsewhere.  The stream(s)
/has/ to come via the network connected Telos system(s).

        Initially, I tried to use icecast (icecast-1.3.12).  The set-up was
no problem, but it could not authenticate to the Telos system when trying to
add it as a relay - here's what I saw:
[110:Connection Handler] Kicking source 107 [] [Error in
request, relay refused entrance] [relay], connected for 0 seconds, 0 bytes
transferred. -1 sources connected
[29/Oct/2002:23:27:50] [110:Connection Handler] Kicking all 0 clients for
source 107
[29/Oct/2002:23:27:50] [110:Connection Handler] On demand relay for
[www.wcsb.org:8000/wcsb] -> [] failed, damn!
        I also looked at options with the soundcard and LAME and half a
dozen other open source projects - all of which proved to either not give me
what I need, or were far to complicated for my pea brain to get into service

        ....at which point someone from Telos told me that Shoutcast was
working and to go that route.  Which I reluctantly did.  It was as simple as
adding this to the conf file:
        ...and of course have the Telos system set to "send" to port 8100

        So - I hope that's enough information to get a little help.  I
really don't care what I use on the front end as long as it can talk to a
socket for the source stream.  I am hoping that you folks will be able /
willing to guide me through this, in lurking for the last few days it seems
like there's some great minds at work here.

        I'd be more than happy to cull the archives if someone can just give
me some threads or search terms to look over (aside from "clueless newbie")
- there's a lot of info here to start paging through blindly.

        Further - if any of you are in the "college radio biz" (or similar)
and have done some cool things to add functionality for the staff I'd love
to hear it.  I'm not a student, I'm an alumnus just giving my time (and the
server) as a donation.

PS - treat yourself to the goodness of "http://www.assholierthanthou.com/"
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