[icecast] Ogg stream at less than 22KBps 22KHz

iceuse at kezako.net iceuse at kezako.net
Mon Mar 17 06:07:30 PST 2003

Is it possible to generate an ogg stream at less than 22KBps ?
I tried several configuration with ices and darkice, but I always get an configure encoder error:
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] INFO input-oss/oss_open_module Opened audio device /dev/dsp at 2 channel(s), 44100 Hz
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] INFO audio/resample_initialise Initialised resampler for 2 channels, from 44100 Hz to 22050 Hz
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] INFO encode/encode_initialise Encoder initialising with bitrate management: 2 channels, 22050 Hz, minimum bitrate 20000, nominal 22000, maximum 30000
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] EROR encode/encode_initialise Failed to configure managed encoding for 2 channel(s), at 22050 Hz, with bitrates 30000 max 22000 nominal, 20000 min
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] EROR stream/ices_instance_stream Failed to configure encoder
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] INFO signals/signal_usr1_handler Metadata update requested
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] DBUG input/input_loop An instance died, removing it
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] DBUG input/input_flush_queue Input queue flush requested
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] DBUG input/input_loop All instances removed, shutting down control thread.
[2003-03-17  16:07:17] INFO ices-core/main Shutdown complete

<p>Are there some rules to select good triplet (min bit rate, nominal bit rate,max bit rate) ?

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