[icecast] dare to compare -- live streams: ogg/WMA

boink boink at tetter.xs4all.nl
Sat Mar 15 01:25:41 PST 2003

hello all!

After having read http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis/listen.html and
listened to the examples on that very educational page, I decided to
augment the info. 

This example is more simple, it involves the comparision between two
streams of the same radio station, FranceInter (a station of Radio
France in Paris). 

The ogg stream is running at around 30 kbps/11 kHz in stereo. The WMA
stream (provided by yacast.fr) is running at 16 kbps/22 kHz in mono. 

The ogg stream is being encoded on an old Pentium 166 mmx (a HP Vectra,
an office workstation from 1996). Yacast won't release any info on what
they use, however, Windows 2000/XP won't even boot on an old Pentium 166

The stream url's:

1) the ogg stream:

<p>2) the WMA stream:
   (use aviplay if using Linux/*BSD)

<p>FranceInter is mostly talk radio with some music programmes. For
classical music, one can listen to "Carrefour de Lodéon" at 1500 UTC
Monday to Friday and "Les Grands Concerts de Radio France" every Sunday
at 2000 UTC.

bonne écoute! (happy listening!) :)


p.s. if you don't know what UTC is, please check on

p.s.s. my own notes are on http://cuba.calyx.nl/~oink/oggstreams/


je ne cherche pas, je trouve (Picasso)

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