[icecast] OT: whats your opinion of ODDSOCK streamTranscoder?

Brandon bcasci at runbox.com
Wed Mar 12 23:11:13 PST 2003

heh..that was stupid of me to not understand what you meant. I'm pretty
tired thats why...I've been working a lot and playing with this stuff late
at night....you know how that goes. Also..the source and streamtranscoder
run on the same box..so theres very little chance of network issues.

<p>Oh ya...the first thing I checked was my source stream...because I wrote the
source streamer myself. So I tuned directly into that for hours..actually
more lie 6 or 7 hours...not one glitch. SO then I blamed streamTranscoder
after a few days of trial and error with different tools....turns out it was

Ya..things seem pretty good since I switch to an older version of lame.
Although it still does skip a very tiny part of some songs..right in the
beginning..not all of them like before. Its not bad really, I can deal. I
notice it propbably because I hear some of these songs 5 times a
day....before it was awful. Oh ya....the 64KB buffer in my player seems to
empty out after an hour of listening still. So the data still isn;t coming
quite fast enough but thats ok...I can deal with that for now.

Have you ever heard of Mediabox? A company caled iTuner (www.ituner.com)
makes it. I needed something like for what I was doing..but didn;t want to
spend $3000...so I researched a bunch of opensource tools that could help me
out. I'm already spending enough money providing people with good music
community and getting nothing for it....another $3000 would have made it not
worth it.

I should probably check if any of the organizations I got tools from take
paypal donations..they deserve something

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