[icecast] OT: whats your opinion of ODDSOCK streamTranscoder?

Brandon bcasci at runbox.com
Wed Mar 12 16:27:29 PST 2003

What is everyones opinion and expierience with using ODDSOCK
streamTranscoder to downsample mp3 streams?

I tried it on Windows 2000 and then compared it against shoutCAST DSP
plugin. It sucked. It skipped and popped and cut off the first 1/2 second of
each track and dropped. It sucked, while shoutCast DSP was flawless.

What attracted to me to streamTranscoder was you don't have to run an MP3
player (ala Winamp) to downsample/transcode your streams. You can put it on
a server with no sound card.

are there any other transcoders out there? Many of you probably run your own
radio stations so maybe someone has a little info for me. Short of writing
my own is there something I can use that can transcode streams and not
require the use of an mp3 player and soundcard?

Maybe I was doing something wrong with streamTranscoder, but I don't think
so. There aren't too many setting in there....the computer has plenty of
ram, 1 gig cpu..no load...new lame dll....

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