[icecast] playlist streams

Ross Levis ross.levis at cchlawbase.co.nz
Sun Mar 9 20:47:19 PST 2003

Hello again

No replies regarding memory requirements!

I have an idea to provide 1000's of streams without the requirement of
100's of source PC's, and perhaps without even requiring Icecast at all.
But I'm not sure if this will work.

We will have thousands of 24 hour playlists generated everyday by
software I'm developing.  If we encode all our audio files at 32kb/s,
could we not just supply a link to the playlist files directly on our
server.  So in effect, our server is just acting like a hard disk and
listeners are playing the files directly.  Would this work?

What I also envisage is writing software that continually trims songs
from the top of the playlists as time goes by throughout the day so new
listeners will start listening at roughly the scheduled time.  The only
problem I can think of is file security.  Is there any way to prevent
the individual songs from being downloaded?

As an alternative, am I right in assuming IceCast is capable of
providing streams directly from playlist files?  Is there any other
major advantages of using Icecast compared to the direct access method

Thanks for you time.

Ross Levis.
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