[icecast] Playlist Web Display Code Request

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Sat Jun 28 14:49:36 UTC 2003

On 28 Jun 2003 at 7:42, Roy Harvey wrote:

> Does someone have any script code (perl, bash, whatever) that creates
> a "Now Playing" list from the ices playlist and logs?  Ideally, it
> would display the last five songs that played as well as the next five
> (for non-random playlists) and be able to wrap around to the beginning
> when it hits the end of the list. ;-)

You can grab the currently playing song from the xml-information the 
server provides with a simple script yourself - e.g. every 10 seconds 
maybe. Viewing the "last five" shouldn't be too hard either then.
And showing the next songs ... well, you wouldn't normally do this - 
and in some countries this also conflicts with law (because you may 
not announce songs that will be played next due to copyright-issues). 
If you announce the next songs I guess the intention of those laws is 
to prevent from people saying "oh, in 15 minutes I need to press 
record on my tapedeck". As far as I understand it laws want to make 
it harder for them to record what they want. Surely they can grab 
everything they currently hear - but that's a different story :-)

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