[icecast] Oddcast suggestion

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Jun 24 13:20:46 UTC 2003

At 06:44 PM 6/24/2003 +1200, you wrote:
>Stefan Neufeind wrote:
>That is exactly what I was suggesting.  DSP stackers allow DSP's to be
>processed in the order you need.  In my case, however, I would use the new
>DSP in the Winamp DSP/Effects and the OddCast DSP in the SQRSoft DSP area.
the DSP is the wrong place to do this....The right way to do it is the way 
Mike suggested (on-demand relaying).  And as Bryan also suggested, WMA 
streaming lends itself to this kind of thing easily, since it's the way WMA 
streaming works (you don't actually *send* a WMA stream to a server from 
the DSP, you host it in the DSP and the streaming server PULLs the data 
from you, so adding a "PULL only when a listener is listening" logic is 
rather easy to implement.  Since both MP3 and Vorbis streaming solutions 
are PUSH (i.e. the DSP source sends the stream to the broadcast server), in 
order to accomplish the same type of behavior, you'd need to set up an 
intermediate relay and do on-demand relaying.


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