[icecast] Oddcast suggestion

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Sat Jun 21 07:10:59 UTC 2003

On 21 Jun 2003 at 12:53, Ross Levis wrote:

> What would be really useful is if your winamp plugin could monitor the
> number of listeners on the IceCast2 server and only send the audio
> when listeners > 0.  Perhaps the metadata could continue to be sent. 
> This would reduce bandwidth requirements substantially when there are
> several hundred, perhaps thousands of streams as planned by
> http://www.rville.com.

Number of listeners might be a good solution. But there is already an 
external app, which can monitor multiple servers (relay servers?) and 
such at the same time, generate stats etc.


I tried it some time back and there the version from the download-
section didn't work properly with the latest icecast2 because there 
were some changes in icecast2. But grab the source from CVS and build 
it from there ... this was patched by Oddsock to support current 
icecast2-version. Maybe the best solution for icecast2-statistics out 
there. (PS: And maybe you don't think about inventing your own if 
this doesn't suit your needs but contribute to the project - since 
this seems a good tool anyway!)

> It would also be very useful to me as I have a 5gig limit per month on
> my DSL which only allows me to broadcast for 14 days continuously at
> 32kb/s.  I could extend this considerably.
> What do you think?  Any possibility for the future?

Doing it "the usual way" seems no good solution in my eyes. Since we 
normally have buffers (e.g. on the icecast2-server and I bet as well 
on the client) that need to be filled before the listener can hear 
anything etc. this might make constructing the Icecast2-plugin quite 
One and maybe the best solution (for now?) would be to set up an 
icecast2-server on your home-machine and tell your server to do 
relaying. With Icecast2 relay-servers already are only connected when 
there are listeners for the stream, afaik.

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