[icecast] Runaway icecast again (more YP issues)

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Thu Jun 19 18:06:49 UTC 2003

On 19 Jun 2003 at 12:20, oddsock wrote:

> a couple things here....in most cases the icecast2 server will remove
> itself gracefully from the YP...if for some reason, it is killed
> manually, then it may not do so...I have a cron job which runs every 5
> minutes which goes in and cleans out any server that hasn't touched in
> a 5 minute period....so if your icecast2 server is forced down and
> doesn't successfully remove itself from the YP,. then for the next 5
> minutes or so you should see the error message (Server already exists)
> with the NAK (as you see in your log)...Eventually, the clean script
> will run and will clean up your stale entry and icecast2 is configured
> to keep trying to do the yp-add until it's successful...so after about
> 5 minutes of NAKs, you should then be able to list again.
> so thats the way it's supposed to work, and I just checked the DB, and
> there are no stale entries, so you shouldn't be getting the "Server
> already exists" message anymore, although clearly, according to your
> logs, you are...so can you send me the Server NAme you are using (this
> is specified in the source client) ?  Feel free to send me the info to
> oddsock at oddsock.org.

maybe if someone from the same IP tries to add a server to the list 
with same URL you could drop the old entry and list the new one "ad 

Just a thought ...
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