[icecast] legalities of streaming

Mitchell Smith djstatik at djstatik.net
Wed Jun 11 15:07:26 UTC 2003

Hi list,

This might not be the right list to bring this subject up on, however I
thought it might be a good place to start.

What are the current legalities in relation to non commercial music streams,
or more accurately put non profit streams, and is this currently being
seriously policed?

Basically I am wanting to start up my own online station, but I don't really
want to get my butt kicked and a huge fine dropped on top of me, so thought
it would be worth checking it out first.

I do note that if you stream on live365 they cover your royalties for you,
$200 per month for 100 listeners???  and it is only up to 56k in mp3 format,
they don't offer ogg as an option.

What are the general thoughts surrounding this subject?

As always, all feedback very welcome.

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