[icecast] Dummy soundcard driver for Windows (OT)

Scott Manley djsnm at djsnm.com
Tue Jun 10 17:08:07 UTC 2003

Yes there is - both LiveIce and mpegmixer used a terminal as an 
interface - telnet/ssh into the box and control it all. Of course back 
when mpegmixer was released (1996) there was no streaming solutions 
available so you could only remotely control stuff within earshot ;-)

> But there is no real "remote DJ"-software yet, is there? I mean, not 
> just "autofades", which somehow sound a little bit crazy - but really 
> offering them an interface so they can adjust the crossfading, mix 
> this together with sounders etc. I've seen this technique once here 
> at a local radio station and was quite impressed. But for this to 
> work the server would need to send low-quality-audio to the DJ who 
> could then make the crossfades etc, transmit this data back  to the 
> server and the server then executes the crossfades etc. on the real 
> sondfiles on the server. Hmm - sounds interesting :-)) But is there 
> already a software-solution for this?

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