[icecast] Dummy soundcard driver for Windows (OT)

Scott Manley djsnm at djsnm.com
Tue Jun 10 00:09:46 UTC 2003

Dave St John wrote:
>>One more reason why computers will never replace real DJ's ;-)
> I believe its called desktop webcasting or will be ;)
> Doesnt sound like replacing dj's, its just enabling them to dj remotely
> without the need and fuss localy
> oh and not to mention redundancy, doing a webcast from a house/office/home
> pc is a major ordeal with
> todays shitty dsl/cable providers
> just my 2 dollaws

<p>You know, when I first released mp3serv in '97 I was on a 128kbit 
connection shared by my entire academic institution - my DSL is a big 
step up ;-)

Anyway - by DJ - I'm talking about real people who know how to mix and 
beatmatch records, that can't be done with the kind of latency icecast 

Scott Manley
"I invented this shit"

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