[icecast] Playlist handling

Andrew Burghardt abob at speakeasy.net
Mon Jun 2 17:15:08 UTC 2003

I have some questions about how the playlist handling works in ices2. I'm 
trying to decide whether I want to use the script option within ices or set 
up a cron job that writes a new playlist.txt every so often. I play live 
recordings and want to minimize any gaps between files, so the internal 
scripting option seems like it would introduce even longer gaps than occur 
with straight playlist usage. I would rip the recordings as a long single 
track, but that would mean I lose individual track metadata. Concatenate is 
not really an option because I also have to run a simultaneous mp3 stream via 
ices0.23 and in my testing it seems ices0 will only read the first song in a 
concatenated ogg file.

So my questions are...

> From experience it looks like ices2 reads in the entire playlist into memory 
and plays that back in it's entirety. At the end it re-reads the playlist and 
starts again. Is this correct? Is this also how ices 0.23 works?

Is there a way to force ices2 to re-read the playlist file at any given moment 
without disconnecting clients?

Andrew Burghardt
abob at speakeasy.net
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