[icecast] OddCast or IceCast screws up extended characters

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Mon Jul 28 01:54:10 UTC 2003

On Monday 28 July 2003 10:43, Ross Levis wrote:
> I'll purposely attach an HTML encoded message in case some of you are using
> 7-bit ascii readers.
> I have a number of songs which use extended ASCII characters in the arist
> or title such as Màire Brennan - I Láthair Dé.  The Current Song in the
> IceCast status.xsl replaces every extended character plus 1 or 2 characters
> after it with some strange character.  So effectivly shortens the title

Probably a (minor) icecast bug. We should be sending "Content-Type: text/html; 
charset=UTF-8", and ensuring that we're actually sending UTF-8 (it looks like 
we are sending UTF-8 here, but not setting the content charset correctly).

> somewhat but it's mostly still there.  When listening to the stream with
> Winamp 2.9x, the title shows as "M - I L".  I'm not kidding.

This could be a winamp bug, or it could an oddcast bug, or (most likely), it 
could be an icecast bug. It's difficult to tell: this bit of winamp's 
metadata protocol is entirely undocumented. What character set is this stuff 
meant to be in?


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