[icecast] PDA as source client

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Mon Jul 21 17:23:01 UTC 2003

On 21 Jul 2003 at 11:38, Luke Stodola wrote:

> > Well, I thought about it as well but up to now didn't try. Via which
> > way do you intend to have e.g. a line-in to the iPaq with reasonable
> > quality. Would be really interesting to figure out such things ...
> > and then use a WLAN-cradle to transport data to the internet *g*
> The main use would be covering events at sports fields, auditoriums,
> etc. that are away from the studio.  Since these would already have a
> PA mixer at them, generally I'd just use an Aux out (line level) from
> the mixer to line in on the PDA.  But a single XLR mic with a
> converter to 1/8" phono should work too, right?  What's the audio
> quality built in to a PDA like, anybody?  I've never used one.

One friend of mine has got an iPaq 3870. But it doesn't provide an 
line-in. Just has line-out and a built-in mic.

Anyway: Would be really interested if you manage to get it running
a) because of hardware (line-in)
b) because of speed (cpu-power/software).

Please keep us posted.

> I do know that PCMCIA cards for Professional audio exist, which could
> be an option if the built-in isn't good enough.

Well okay. But using a dual-pcmcia-jacket to have a soundcard and a 
wlan-interface and ... oh boy ... then you could as well use a small 
shuttle-board in a neat and small pc-case, right?

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