[icecast] IceCast Questions.... ("id3 tags, mp3, Ogg, etc)

Morgan Grammer morgang at newlifemedia.org
Sat Jul 19 02:51:38 UTC 2003

Out of curiousity, which sound cards are you using, and on what OS?

>We are using it for local police / fire / rescue / air traffic type of
>feeds. I just got two new (used) computers that have 16 PCI slots each.
>Got 4 sound cards working in one, and monday we are going to try to get it
>up to 10 in one system (which is at the point that there isn't much CPU
>left, darkice @ the low bitrate at 0.8 quality *SHOULD* be able to do 10
>streams on the PIII-600). Right now we have 4 Pentium II-266's each with
>FreeBSD and 3 sound cards.

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