[icecast] OT: OGG in the mainstream

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Tue Jul 15 07:07:49 UTC 2003

On Tuesday 15 July 2003 16:40, Arc wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 15, 2003 at 11:06:03AM +1200, Ross Levis wrote:
> > Mark Casey wrote:
> > > I think when the real-time cbr encoding issues are sorted
> > > Vorbis (this is my experience with oddcast dsp, winamp and
> > > icecast 2 win32, big cpu hog) will start gaining more ground,
> >
> > I can't use the managed bitrate option in OddCast on my K6II-500 CPU!
> > (Overclocked to 525, WinXP Pro,192MB RAM).  I would like to.  Normal VBR
> > uses about 90% CPU.  This seems too high.  Perhaps some work will be
> > done on reducing CPU requirements and/or utilizing some CPU extensions
> > in the future.
> That's funny, because we're doing it all the time with Pentium 2's
> running at 233mhz.
> 44100 samplerate, mono, 56k VBR.  ices2. pretty basic setup. no skips.

Note several major things here: you're doing mono rather than stereo (I'm 
assuming that's what the previous poster was using). That's going to be close 
to a doubling of cpu requirements.

You're doing VBR, the other poster said he wished to use CBR. That's about (at 
least on the simple tests I did) double the cpu again (or more).

Finally, the k6 has a relatively poor FPU compared to the P2, per clock. 

That said, I don't think the cpu requirements of vorbis encoding are a 
particularly major issue these days. My main machine (~6 months old, but far 
from the fastest thing available even then) does VBR encoding of 44.1 kHz 
stereo material using under 10% of the cpu. Bitrate management increases that 
to around 20%, but even that's not too bad. 


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