[icecast] MP3/OGG/The whole thing

Stefan Neufeind stefan at neufeind.net
Wed Jul 9 13:56:41 UTC 2003

On 9 Jul 2003 at 15:53, Rolf Johansson wrote:

> Brendan Cully <brendan at xiph.org> writes:
> > *You do need a snapshot rather than a release to do all this,
> > but I'd recommend that anyway since the snapshot is actually a lot
> > more robust than the release. For instance you shouldn't need any
> > VBR patch.
> Thanks for responding. The VBR patch was just a "dummy" patch I
> applied, because iceS didn't read VBR files correctly -- it could
> sometimes read it as 128kbps and don't do a recode, causing icecast to
> recieve a vbr with strange errors at the client side. I made it always
> recode, if recode was selected.
> I will follow the development and think again about how to do in the
> future.

Rolf, please have a look at the latest version and if the problems 
persist I'm sure people would be happy if you could contribute your 
patches ...

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