[icecast] MP3/OGG/The whole thing

Rolf Johansson rojo at nocrew.org
Sat Jul 5 07:14:37 PDT 2003

Hello all Icecasters!

I'm using icecast 1.3.12 and iceS 0.2.3 (with a self-made patch for VBR MP3,
and an extensive Perl script for automatisation) to stream radio. Works great!

I've tried to understand everything about MP3/OGG and Icecast and since I'm a
stupid person I need to draw things all the time ;) - so I need you to tell me
if I've misunderstood anything in this scheme: 

            : libshout MP3/OGG    :
            :                     :
        +----------+          +------------+
        : icecast  : <------- : iceS - MP3 :
    <-- : MP3/OGG  :          +------------+
        +----------+              :
            :                 +-------------+
        +----------+          : iceS2 - OGG :
        : icecast2 : <------- +-------------+
    <-- : MP3/OGG  :              :
        +----------+              :
            :                     :

Speaking from this, MP3 support is dropped in iceS2 due to legal and quality
issues (?) but icecast2 still does support MP3 streaming and libshout (the ground
library) supports it too. Right?

I know OGG gives more quality with less bandwidth, but the main problem for me
is that I already have all audio as MP3 - and I don't look forward to the days
of converting all my audio.

But, I guess I could run iceS2 with a Perl script that launches lame before
every new track, so that the MP3 is reencoded as a temporary OGG file and the
OGG-file path is sent to icecast2.

I've also tried streamTranscoder but it didn't seem stable enough (1.1.0).
Well, thanks for your time.

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