[icecast] mount points & multiples streams II

ronnie at mixsessions.com ronnie at mixsessions.com
Wed Jan 29 17:37:04 UTC 2003

I have done some experimenting but if am incorrect I would like someone to correct me.

I am trying to run multiple streams so what I have created additional directories such as mrock24, mRock64, and mRock128 in the '/etc/ices' directory . In these directories I have placed new conf files and playlist files respectively streaming 24, 64, and 128. These directories are also the name of the mount points for the streams. The commands I am using to start each instance of ices are as follows:
/usr/bin/ices /etc/ices/mrock24/ices.conf
/usr/bin/ices /etc/ices/mrock64/ices.conf
/usr/bin/ices /etc/ices/mrock128/ices.conf

My questions is:
Is this the correct way to set up mutiple streams?

My unusual problem now is:
When I enter 'protcol:ip:port/MountPoint' into the browser it attempts to download the stream as a file ('/MountPoint.mp3') instead of launching the default player. However if I enter 'protcol:ip:port/MountPoint' into a player such as winamp,xmms, or wmp it will play the stream. I am stumped but I guess I have done something incorrectly.

::ronnie :: :

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