[icecast] how can i set different mount points with IceS

stream toni_guga at lycos.it
Wed Jan 29 10:09:56 UTC 2003

Now every thin works fine good, thanks a lot for helping me, but there
is another problem.

in ices-playlist.ogg the are to sections

first section is:

       <param name="type">basic</param><!-- Only 'basic' implemented -->
       <param name="file">/usr/local/etc/madeinitalytv.m3u</param> <!--
be sure this exists -->
       <param name="random">0</param> <!-- random play -->
       <param name="once">0</param> <!-- if set to 1 , plays once
       then exits. --

where i define the the playlist file name and other settings

econd  section is:

<!-- Server details:
                                 You define hostname and port for the
server here, along with
                                 the source password and mountpoint. 
where i define network server config and the default nount point

Now i need to have another mount point wich streams another playlist
file how can i do it?

third section:

<!-- Live encoding/reencoding:
                                 Currrently, the parameters given here
for encoding MUST
                                 match the input data for channels and
sample rate. That 
                                 restriction will be relaxed in the
<!-- bps. e.g. 64000 for 64 kbps -->

                <!-- Now, we define a 2nd stream instance.
                         Here, we only define the basic server
parameters - everything
                         else takes the default values.
                         No reencoding is done.
                    <!-- Stream saving. Save the outgoing stream to the
specified file
                         This is commented out since we don't want it by
default -->


I do not understand well this section, if someone can shortly explain it
to me.

thank a lot Toni
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