[icecast] relay servers and mountpoints

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Wed Jan 15 09:01:30 UTC 2003

 i have two linux b0x's .
:: one main web server running icecast2
:: second machine at the studio , running icecast2

the studio machine receives dialup/hispeed.ogg streams locally from ices2
, the main web server is set as a relay for these live streams .

if there isn't a live show , the website offers the correct archive for
re-broadcast , this is played through the fileserver on main web server .

this all works fine . but i want to set ices2 on the main web server to
actually broadcast the appropriate archives for off-live times , instead
of redirect to the fileserve . ( will this require much resources if the
mp3/ogg files are already encoded to the correct bitrate ? )

<p>MY QUESTiON -- if the main server is a relay for the studio , can i also
connect local ices2 streams/mountpoints to it ? ?  ie. a second,
differently named set of dialup/hispeed.ogg mountpoints for the timed
re-broadcasts .
( i could then set the web scripts to mount either the live studio stream
, or the timed re-broadcast, live stream .. and then fileserve could be
used for on-demand programming only )

thanks .,

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