[icecast] icecast 1.3 or 2 ???

Adon Irani adon at YorkU.CA
Sun Jan 12 21:21:05 UTC 2003

> > ( icecast2 only handles .MP3 for fileserving , as far as i know ..)
> Nope. Icecast2 doesn't care about what the format of the files it serves is
> for fileserving.

(i meant :: .MP3 is handled for fileserving , but .MP3 is not avail for
live reencoding, as far as i know .. ) for the record , the OGG streaming
w/ icecast2 has been great .

tho (seperate issue ) : OGG files w/ variable bit rates generated by wget
rip from the icecast2 stream . they stream well , but i can only listen
from the beginning , even w/ the .OGG on my local drive _loaded in winamp
- the length counter is way off , and i can't seek through the file . NOR
can i edit in soundforge . . is this an OGG thing? a variable bitrate
thing ? or the wget side-effect ? tx . .

<p>> > and let me know if you neEd any scripts .. i even made one to generate the
> > proper .m3u files on my web server so that every listen request gets a
> > custom .m3u file auto-loaded ! it's been working VERY well ..
> icecast2 does this internally! You don't need extra scripts for that at all.

i remember w/ icecast1.x i could connect to a mp3 w/ a (non-existing )
.pls file . but w/ icecast2 , i would have to use the .ogg direct link ..
but this would then d0wnload first in the browser (opera, and MAYBE
ie:can't_recall) instead of launching the media player .

in which case i wanted .m3u files .. my first attempt was to use HTTP
headers to send the link as a .m3u . mixed success w/ this method - it
would open another browser window w/ the open/save as box in it . it was
confusing .. .

then i had the idea , generate the .m3u file on the webserver and offer a
link to that file _ this way i have a listen page popup , w/
instructions/help and the HTTP META refresh for the .m3u file . this works
well .

please advise if icecast2 has a simpler workaround . .. (the whole
no-documentation through me for a few lo0ps ! )


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