[icecast] icecast 1.3 or 2 ??? (plus YP stuff)

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Sat Jan 11 17:34:52 UTC 2003

The mp3 streaming is actually pretty good in icecast2, even the metadata 
enhancements..I've done quite a bit of testing with it, and it's passed all 
my tests..although my tests were not completely thorough, and additional 
testing should be done on laggy networks and with large number of 
users...it at least passes the "good network and small number of users 

however, your client support for icecast2 mp3 metadata streaming is a bit 
limited at this time..I've added support in oddcast (you'll need the latest 
oddcast at 
http://www.oddsock.org/tools/dsp_oddcast/dsp_oddcast_01022003.exe) and 
adding support for other mp3 source clients is pretty simple (if anyone 
needs the info on how to do mp3 metadata in your source client, let me know 
and I can provide whatever info you need)...

additionally, icecast2 yp is coming along....and if anyone is also 
interested in doing some testing with that, feel free to download the 
following win32 version of icecast2 with yp support 
there is only one yp server (feel free to implement your own though) that 
has been built, and it's just there for testing, but still fairly 
functional....the win32 setup comes with an icecast.xml which sets the yp 
directory to my test yp-cgi....for those not running win32 (yeah, I know, 
most people :) ) you'll have to wait until the code gets committed to CVS, 
but before that happens, testing needs to be done....If you want to write 
your own YP server, I've started on a spec here : 

and the YP front end (the thing that actually shows the listings) can be 
viewed here : http://www.oddsock.org/icecast2yp/  That's where you'd look 
to see your server listed....

please let me know if you have any questions/issues/whatever....

At 02:09 AM 1/12/2003 +1000, you wrote:
>Depends what you want.  If you plan to stream MP3 then icecast 1.x is tried
>and tested, but is not undergoing any further development.  icecast2 will
>stream ogg vorbis as well as MP3.  The MP3 stuff in icecast2 is new and the
>metadata support is only available in CVS and I don't know how well that
>side of things has been tested.  I can't speak for MP3 streaming with
>icecast2, but Vorbis streaming is rock solid in my opinion.
>You can get an October 10 alpha release from www.xiph.org/~msmith/ or you
>can get the latest code from the xiph.org CVS repository (visit
>http://www.xiph.org/cvs.html (module icecast).  documentation is almost
>non-existant for icecast2 so if you hit any trouble, ask here.
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