[icecast] Newbee questions...

Mathias Gygax mg at trash.net
Sun Jan 5 21:13:40 UTC 2003

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 09:52:25PM +0100, tcheer at gmx.de wrote:
> >you can also generate a pair with "makepasswd --crypt" or with perl.
> >perl -e 'print crypt("hackme", "icecastrules") . "\n";' (this is
> >slightly insecure, use a better or more random salt). put the output (13
> >chars hash) to the password configurations (e.g. encoder_password)
> >in icecast.conf. it should work then.
> OK I did so and pasted the result (icxDriEO6Fgt.) in the icecast.conf 
> file (and later in both icecast.conf and ices.conf) entries, but the 
> error remains.... :-(

according to FAQ:

Q13: What's the story with crypted passwords?
A13: Normally, icecast and shoutcast servers keep the passwords uncrypted,
     either in a configfile, or specified on the command line. This is pretty
     poor security. Newer versions of icecast provide a configuration option
     (--with-crypt). With this option, then the passwords in the configuration
     file (icecast.conf) and the ones specified on the command line, should
     be crypted. To produce these crypted passwords, use the mkpasswd program
     distributed with icecast. Be careful in the configuration file not to
     leave any junk chars after the passwords.

remind the last sentence. there should be no junk before and after the
encrypted password.

> BTW, when starting icecast I have the following error message:
> [05/Jan/2003:21:49:00] ERROR: Bind to udp interface failed, shutting 
> down udp traffic
> what does it mean?

do you have some other instances of icecast running?

i had to kill running instances with the SIGKILL signal.

killall -9 icecast

hould do the trick. then do a clean restart of icecast.

> Thank you again for answering and a happy new year....

no problemo.

 - turrican
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