[icecast] Icecast winamp oddcast mountpoint problem?

Mitja Pirih Mitja.Pirih at radiocapris.com
Sun Jan 5 11:58:34 UTC 2003

>Mountpoints are created by the server when a source using them connects to the server. 

Yes, from log files I can see that mount points are created and named just as I named them in oddcast.

> so the configuration of oddcast is more likely to give some
clues here.  Also, have you looked at the stats page for the server?  Can't remember what it is - list.cgi maybe?  It should list all the connected mount points, etc.

I can see the mountpoints when I run in interactive mode. So mountpoints are just fine.

When I try to connect with a client (winamp) I can connect to only to default stream/mount point. So I think that mountpoints are ok. Could it be some bug in icecast or perhaps in winamp?

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