[icecast] Restricting access to specific IPs

Steve Meuse swave at mara.org
Tue Feb 25 22:51:32 UTC 2003

Jesper Johnson expunged (jesper.johnson at welho.com):

> I tried searching the mailing list and did some googling on the topic also, 
> but didn't find anything very useful. I'm looking for a way to restrict 
> access to my icecast2 server (which runs on a Slackware 8.1 system)
> by using a list of IPs that should be allowed to connect as clients / sources.
> .. now how do I do this? ;-) I remember that it was possible in the older
> Icecast version to have rules in the configuration file, but since the
> docs on Icecast2 aren't complete, I have no clue on how to do this.

I always recommend using a filtering router, but that tends not to be an
option for most people. Kernel packet filtering is probably what I would
recommend. I like to keep these types of functions out of user land, but


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