[icecast] UDP Vs. TCP

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Thu Feb 20 22:52:39 UTC 2003

Shaun Mcmanus wrote:
> engineering. The streams need to be as small as possible, so low quality is
> fine. I remember when I first started ripping CDs into MP3s, I saw this
> scale with CD quality on top and its equivalent bitrate, then tape, then FM
> radio and then finally AM radio. Is there something like that for Ogg
> Vorbis? We only need FM radio quality. Is the packet handling stack for

Well, all this "CD quality" etc stuff is pretty subjective and mostly
based on marketing... it'd help more if you could tell more about your
desired target bitrate, or what you're used to from MP3's "FM radio
quality", e.g. what bitrate would that be?

Vorbis comes with quality levels, going from -1 to 10. The resulting
bitrate depends on the input format (e.g. whether you resample to
something lower than 44.1kHz, downmix to mono, etc) and to some extend
on the music you want to stream. Basically, Vorbis' quality levels allow
you to have, "AM", "FM" or "CD" quality and everything inbetween, above
and below (at least with resampling).

I suggest some experimenting. oggenc' manpage and online-help are pretty
useful, as well as the vorbis@ list archive (thinking of a similar
thread not so long ago).

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