[icecast] UDP Vs. TCP

Shaun Mcmanus smcmanus at twcsd.com
Thu Feb 20 19:27:04 UTC 2003

>That and the lack of Multicast deployement on most backbones/regional
>The other issue is that UDP tends to be a dumb protocol, especially when
>dealing with network congestion. It doesn't deal, where TCP has some
>mechanisms. Of course, where you are streaming something, that may be more
>detrimental depending on the b/w of the stream.

The broadcast doesn't need to leave our city and I work for a major ISP so
getting Multicasting or Mbone on our system would just take a little social
engineering. The streams need to be as small as possible, so low quality is
fine. I remember when I first started ripping CDs into MP3s, I saw this
scale with CD quality on top and its equivalent bitrate, then tape, then FM
radio and then finally AM radio. Is there something like that for Ogg
Vorbis? We only need FM radio quality. Is the packet handling stack for
IceCast modular? UDP would be nice and even a SSL method whould be
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