[icecast] playlist handler questions

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Thu Feb 20 08:14:15 UTC 2003

On Thursday 20 February 2003 07:12, Maria Wright wrote:
> I have a bad habit of re-creating the wheel, and have the feeling Im
> missing some critical info, so... before I delve any deeper I wanted to
> throw this out there for some clarity: Im all kinds of confused about
> building a playlist handler.
> Lets say I wanted on demand streaming...
> (running icecast-1.3.12, ices-0.2.3 on RH7.2)
> I COULD conceivably write a cgi that says:
> heres a list of tunes
> check which ones you want
> name your stream
> submit
> I could then strip the songs out and put them into a playlist file.
> Then on the fly write an ices.conf file and create a new mountpoint for the
> new stream.
> Then start up a new instance of ices using that new conffile on
> www.domain.com:8000/mount.$streamname
> And kick back the user an html page that says, click here for your
> stream...
> I would presume then, that when their stream is over (playlist is played),
> the stream would revert to the existing generic stream already running.
> (If I remember correctly, to have 2 concurrent streams, I need 2 instances
> of ices running, with two separate conf files.)
> This all seems like a potentially unwieldy and unsophisticated way to go
> about this, and it would still be using the built-in ices playlist handler.
> The perl playlist handler skeleton in ices doesnt really give me a picture
> of its potential.  Is there an existing example out there I could check
> out? There was a post recently about code for a python playlist handler,
> but the link was busted when I checked yesterday.

Icecast is not the program you're looking for.


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