[icecast] having an international relay (was off: live365 relay)

Akos Maroy darkeye at tyrell.hu
Wed Feb 19 07:44:19 UTC 2003

geezer wrote:
> payments to the RIAA.  Mediacast1.com and StreamGuys began offering
> reasonably priced alternate bandwidth during this time and I began
> losing interest in Live365.

thanks for the detailed info about live365.

my general problem is, that I need a relay server outside of Hungary, 
for both streaming and downloading stream archives. (I'm with Tilos 
Radio, tilos.hu , as it has been menioned earlier.) currently we have 
about 1.5TB per month traffic, with a peak of about 25Mbit/sec.

what viable cheap solutions exist for this problem? is there maybe a 
relay network of some sort? maybe p2p like? to make sure that if someone 
and his neighbor listnes to a stream, they don't stream twice the same 
thing from over the big water?

for example, live365 with all their mentioned problem, did they set up a 
relay network? or mediacast1.net? or is it just that they have all their 
servers in one place and hope for the best?

of course, all these are infrastructural questions, not closely related 
to icecast development. but one has to run the software somehow :)


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