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geezer geezer at freesounds.net
Wed Feb 19 03:06:39 UTC 2003

Answer to your question:

Live365 is strictly mp3

Much more than you wanted to know:

I started using Live365 about a zillion years ago and of course it was wonderful "back in the good ole daze".  After you 
signed up with them, you could park 365 meg of mp3s (up to 56k) and/or set up a relay (using either icecast or 
shoutcast) all for free. (Dirty little secret was at first, although you could only park mp3s encoded at 56k or lower, their 
relay server would gleefully relay streams up to 128kbs)   About the only downside at that point was that their server 
wouldn't pass ID3 data so listeners had to go to the Live365 site to see song info and there was no info for relays.  Not a 
problem, since Oddsock and others made programs available to easily display tunes on your own website.

Eventually Live365 figured out it would be neccesary to make some money to cover the bandwidth they were giving 
away, so they began dropping commercials in at random during your stream.  Then they started charging for expanded " 
directory listings.  Then they started charging for virtually all services.  - They were pretty nice, and let their "founding" 
broadcasters get an almost free ride, but began charging a $5 / month "administration" fee to offset CARP payments to 
the RIAA.  Mediacast1.com and StreamGuys began offering reasonably priced alternate bandwidth during this time and I 
began losing interest in Live365.

Recently they've blocked direct access to the streams - listeners have to "log-in" to hear a stream.  I'm not going to talk 
trash about Live365 - they made it possible for a lot of folks to get involved with internet radio, but I fear that they cruised 
with no business plan for too long and are now in kind of a pickle trying to put the place on a paying basis.

2/18/03 2:45:32 PM, Akos Maroy <darkeye at tyrell.hu> wrote:

>A bit off-topic question: has anyone any experiences with the relaying 
>service that live365.com has? what kind of stream(s) do they relay? what 
>is the protocol they use?


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