[icecast] debian icecast package & client issues

M Edwards medwards at ualberta.ca
Wed Feb 12 19:17:53 UTC 2003

At this point I've installed icecast-server and icecast-client debian 
packages. I've editted all the config files and everything starts up and 
appears to be running properly.

Unfortunately I've had several problems with clients trying to connect to the 
stream. Initially the clients would attempt to buffer the stream, but just as 
it finished they would restart buffering. I figured this was a bandwidth issue 
(although it still occurred over a direct ethernet connection) and reencoded 
some test files at a 64 bitrate and tried those.

Here shout's lack of autodetection bit me in the ass. I forced the bitrate 
down to 64 (shout -b 64) and tried again. Clients now connect but fail to even 
start buffering the stream.

At this point, after much thought, it might be the system I'm running it on. 
Is there a minimum system req to run icecast and shout?

What about updating, is there a debian package that ISN'T 1.3? Is my crappy 
version the issue?

Michael Edwards

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