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Bill Arlofski waa at hotchkiss.org
Tue Feb 4 19:26:09 UTC 2003

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Can anyone comment on the "front ends" they are using to manage their 
ices/icecast streams?

I have done some searching and playing with such web-based products as 
netjuke, and obsequium, and otto audio jukebox, but none fill the 
requirements exactly, and none appear to interface with ices/icecast the way 
I would like.

Rather than have the client (xmms) be handed an m3u playlist file (netjuke), 
and have the client request each song indiviudually from the apache server, 
I'd like to be able to edit playlists that pertain to each instance of an 
ices process that is streaming to the icecast server to be subsequently 
streamed to clients by the icecast server on different urls (ie: 
http://my.server.com:8888/dailynews  http://my.server.com:8888/jazz 
http://my.server.com:8888/rock  etc...)

Is there any web interface like this that integrates directly with ices and 

BTW, other than this request, netjuke is pretty slick the way it handles 
albums, artists, songs, playlists etc via PHP and a postgresql database. 

Thanks for any input.

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