[icecast] Re: Compiling ices

Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Sun Feb 2 23:38:45 UTC 2003

On Sun, 2003-02-02 at 22:48, Marc Remijn wrote:

> The only module I know about that is 'tainted' is the philips webcam
> compression module pwcx, which I forced loaded with 'insmod -f'. But
> unloading that didn't change the problem. Anyway the 'tainted' issue has to
> do with no being in order with the GNU licence isn't it?

No the best thing to do, is not load the module to start with, unloading
the module may mean nothing as it's already had access to the kernel.  
You more or less on the right idea with what tainted is, although it's
really a check for modules that don't have the typical open licenses
like GPL and BSD. Only a reboot will be sufficient for clearing the
tainted state.

> >From this output it isn't clear to me which module is tainted.

you've identified the module that is a potential cause. 

> Hmm. This machine has been working for years without any problem. I
> installed more memory, but with this memory it has been running for months
> now, also without problems. There are quite a number of fans in the case.

it's better to check, A good memory test is the memcheck program but
also doing heavy compiling can stress the memory more. As for fans make
sure you have good air flow through the case, especially with more
recent CPU's.

> I might build a new kernel to see if that solves the problem.

It's always good to make sure your up to date, especially on the driver
front but it's usually bad to do the insmod -f. The structures used
within the kernel can be configured differently from how the module was
built.  Some it may not matter but others can be a problem.

> > As for the config file I'll check into that a bit more later.
> Is the re-encoding section necessary?

for live your not re-encoding, you do want encode so that an ogg vorbis
stream is produced but it looks like downmix and resample are not


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