[icecast] New YP listing code in icecast2

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Sun Feb 2 14:43:57 UTC 2003

I have just committed this code to CVS, and here is more information about 
it for those interested :

- the spec that I went off of for the protocol can be found here -> 
- since icecast2 now needs to potentially connect out to yp servers for 
communication, libcurl has been added as a dependency...I used curl 7.9.8...
- I also have currently implemented a yp server running at 
http://www.oddsock.org/cgi-bin/yp-cgi. This follows the protocol I defined 
above (as far as I know at least). and the default icecast.xml that is in 
CVS is configured with that yp server..feel free to implement your own yp 
server and add additional entries to <directory>..I think icecast2 supports 
an arbitrary number of directories (within reason) :)
- you can browse the directory here-> http://www.oddsock.org/icecast2yp/
- I still consider this all "under test"..so please help test it all out, 
and identify any and all bugs.
- I've created a tarball and a win32 distribution and stuck them under 
- if you are having any trouble, please turn on debugging (log level 4) in 
icecast2 and look at the error logs...


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