[icecast] Hello everyone, here is some php code.

Macsym macsym69 at yahoo.fr
Mon Dec 29 04:09:47 UTC 2003

Hi Mr. Stauff,

Don't be modest; it's a very nice and useful script. As you say, you can
still improve it but it's a good basis...

Thanks for sharing,


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So remember that question I had last week about taking a bunch of relay
and greping the status2.xsl file for the number of listeners?  I coded it.
have to apologize right now, as its krufty, nasty, braindead code.  But it
works, and I'm rather proud that after being up as long as I have been up
and drinking as much coffee, it works.  It should be attached to this

I would also like to thank Michael Smith, Karl Heyes, Kerry Cox, and a host
others for helping me out with my icecast2 setup, and for writing
and code.  I hope the best of all y'all this holiday season.  Now, I am
carefully going to make sure to attach my code with Mutt, and go to bed.

P.s. If my code sucks, if you have written better code, if you have
questions on
the code, or have any other feedback, I would love it hear it.

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