[icecast] Hello everyone, here is some php code.

Dave St John groups at mediacast1.com
Wed Dec 24 23:09:48 UTC 2003

check this out.
may or may not help you, but you can hack away and add your own specs etc...

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<p>> Okay,
> So remember that question I had last week about taking a bunch of relay
> and greping the status2.xsl file for the number of listeners?  I coded it.
> have to apologize right now, as its krufty, nasty, braindead code.  But it
> works, and I'm rather proud that after being up as long as I have been up
> and drinking as much coffee, it works.  It should be attached to this
> I would also like to thank Michael Smith, Karl Heyes, Kerry Cox, and a
host of
> others for helping me out with my icecast2 setup, and for writing
> and code.  I hope the best of all y'all this holiday season.  Now, I am
carefully going to make sure to attach my code with Mutt, and go to bed.
> P.s. If my code sucks, if you have written better code, if you have
questions on
> the code, or have any other feedback, I would love it hear it.
> --Stauf
> | http://radio.freshcheese.net "Background noise for the masses."
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