[icecast] Icecast file recording, new file every connect?

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Thu Dec 18 03:28:08 UTC 2003


 Quick question. I'm using the old version (but looking to move to the new
version) of icecast. When my darkice sessions die and reconnect to the
server the files that I have setup to be recorded get reset.

 I'm not 100% hip on the MP3 data format. Is there a header then data? Or
is it just data and the player syncs up with the stream?

 Would it be possible to change the code so that if a file exists it
appends, and doesn't rewrite from 0? Or would this break the structure of
the file and cause player error?

 I'm recording 10 feeds in 24 hour segments, and sometimes the encoders
puke out. My script on the encoders restarts them, but then the archive
sets go to zero.

 Just curious, I would imagine it would be easy to change the fopen call
or whatever in the code to append if exists but I don't want to break the

 I'm planning to run the 24 hour blocks of data thru another program that
breaks it down into 1 hour chunks.

 100 gigs of data a month!

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