[icecast] There are a solution ?

Karl Heyes karl at xiph.org
Fri Dec 5 16:13:33 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 15:37, Rádio IRCBrasil - André Marcelo wrote:

> I did a sujestion give me by karlH and brendan, i an running a icecast
> master in port 8500 how relay, where the listenners connect, with a local
> point ircbrasil.ogg and the relay poing djs.ogg and a secund server, in port
> 8600, where the djs connect to streamin. The first dj enter ho djs.ogg and
> the other with yours mount point, so, the new dj enter in admin mode and
> move moint points to it. BUT, the problem is that if he have a simple lag of
> some seconds for ex, and he reconnect, the server do not start more, cause
> the relay is waiting for djs.ogg and the dj is using yournick.ogg

have an encoder send a never ending playlist to djs.ogg on your dj
icecast and have each dj mountpoint state a fallback of djs.ogg.  That
way the listener relay will always pick something up.

> Other question, is the lag. when there are a lag between dj and server, and
> there are a disconnection from 1 secund yet, all listenners disconnect too.
> This is bad, very bad.

if the DJ mountpoint has a fallback to an existing stream like the
never-ending playlist then the existing listeners will switchover. Whats
missing is the automatic taking of listeners on re-connection, but that
can be done manually through the web interface using the moveclients

> i wanna sugest to coders, to have a option for send silence for some secunds
> when the source disconnect, for the listenners dont disconnect, it would be
> very very good, cause i dont know what to do.

While a general mechanism to allow for fileserving in streams maybe
possible, it's unlikely to be the answer for your situation.


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