[icecast] Icecast in Macromedia Flash

Adon Irani adon at yorku.ca
Mon Dec 1 18:55:49 UTC 2003

> I'm interested on switching to icecast 2.0 too, keep this list informed and feel
> free to ask if you think I can help somehow.

<p>just to add my (anxious ) support .,

i am currently rewriting my entire radio station/ site . using
PHP/MySQL/Icecast2/ices and stream transc0der -- i've got two
separate script packages . one to handle a live (or local only) broadcast
, it'll read a schedule from the main network or allow you to add your own
. then you can lock for broadcast . ices streams and metadata start
automatically .
.. the second is a media library/ journalling system for the main site .
each page CAN be linked to an archive , and its meant to handle the 15+
radio shows we have . and to manage comments or discussion (ie., a band
that was featured on one show could add info on their upcoming event er
something on the specific show that they were featured on )

, i'm almost finished (and will share when its ready ) . tho i am
currently, still thinking through the mechanics of the non-live
rebroadcast of archives on the main network -- taking it step by step to
keep it solid . (its been a few months now of c0ding ! )

anyh0w; my main objective here is to provide is a mp3 stream-transcoded
mount that mirrors the live or rebroadcast schedule (in ogg format ) .
ALSO, i'm preparing a request channel that will effectively allow users
to listen to ogg archives in mp3 (if they so desire ) . it is a way to
avoid disappointment if they don't know how to get the media player
working , and once they've logged in -- i'll add all the info as to why
to switch to ogg and be demp3'd. but all this has to be behind the scenes
so its one click to listen . . easy.

also, i have been using flash for a header (if they support it ) . and i
would love to be able to have my own flash media player embeded in the
site . .

this would make an outoftheb0x icecast radio station/ site that would work
on macs and so on ., (macs support flash don't they ? either way, the will
support the mp3 streams )

o please , if you are able to get this hot topic active for 2.o !!!
please do !

thanks from canada, eh ! :)

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