[icecast] encrypted passwords in Icecast 2

Remco B. Brink remco at rc6.org
Wed Aug 27 11:39:40 UTC 2003

<quote who="pdl at sindominio.net">

> [... encrypted passwords in icecast.xml ...]
> Isn't possible in the icecast.xml file?? (perhaps is not necessaty, I
> don't know). 

As far as I know, the icecast.xml file only supports passwords in

> If this is so, can I change the permissions to this file to something
> like 660? Need the icecast user to read this file?

The only user that needs to read the icecast.xml file is the user under
which the Icecast2 process runs.

If you chown the icecast.xml file to the user that runs the Icecast2
process, then you can change the permissions to 600 if you want.


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