[icecast] [Fwd: Icecast2 and ices]

Stephane Benoit stefb at wizzz.net
Tue Aug 26 00:42:08 UTC 2003

Maybe you should consider another codec for speech such as speex or gsm
then you could even go as low as 9.6 or even 4.8kb/s.

<p>Le Mardi 26 Août 2003 02:24, Drew Bertola a écrit :
> On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 17:04, W. Kevin Pedigo wrote:
> > But if your problem is serving more bandwidth than you've got, you gotta
> > serve less (narrower or fewer streams) or get more bandwidth.  It's that
> > simple.  Tell us what you want to do about it, and we'll try to help.
> OK.  I've gotten everything running with one problem.  I'd like to
> downsample a live stream.  It's talk, and I'd like to squeeze 200
> connections into a 5Mbps pipe.  I'm currently able to do a 24K mono
> stream, but 11K would do the trick.  I've seen references to
> <downsample>, but can't find any hard documentation on it (other than a
> couple sample configs and a statement about how it might not work with
> live streams).  Any tips?

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