[icecast] Icecast2 and TiVo

Carl Karsten carl at personnelware.com
Thu Aug 21 15:06:10 UTC 2003

> Why I am trying to fix it when it works, you might ask, is because as long as
> that icon is flashing the "play" bar won't go away.  Meaning if I left it on
> for long periods of time it would burn into my screen.  Needless to say, that
> would suck.

If that is the only reason, you may want to verify that burn in may occur.  I think that may have only applied to monochrome
monitors, and maybe early cga.  I seem to remember that screen savers were just eye candy.

OTOH, I don't like weirdness like you found.  If there is a bug, it is posible that it is more than just causinig your tivo icon to
flash, so I am all for rooting it out.

Carl K

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