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>I was very pleased to have downloaded the icecast2 from the web, but while
>going thru the instructions as in the README  things are not going right 
>I am doing this on a Redhat 8.0 linux box...
>make install
>the first one doent work, could you please guide me thru ob how to be able
>to appreciate this tool.
>I am involved in building up a radio station in a linux box whereby anyone
>who would connect thru the network and whises to listen to this 
>from the server where icecast is running he would input the IP @ and the
>port and hence he would join in.
>Tks for your precious help.
>MSN Messenger : discutez en direct avec vos amis !
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MSN Messenger : discutez en direct avec vos amis !  

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